OV Dares Stonebwoy To Reveal Real Reason Why She Left His Record Label

OV’s contentious departure from Burniton Music, owned by Stonebwoy, has once again become a topic of discussion as the singer openly challenged her former boss to reveal the true reasons behind her exit. During a recent interview on the ‘Aggressive Show’ with Kwaku Manu, OV hinted that Stonebwoy was privy to the circumstances surrounding their separation but stopped short of divulging further details.

She encouraged the show’s hosts to inquire about both her departure and that of Kelvynboy and Black Sidi from Stonebwoy’s camp.

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“I dare you, presenters, to put it to him on why we left the label and push him to say the truth”, she stated.

OV also debunked rumors of her involvement with illicit substances, firmly stating that she only prefers wine and abstains from smoking.

In a previous interview conducted in 2022, Okailey Verse (OV) finally opened up to the media about the emotional trauma she experienced when her mentor and label boss at Burniton Music Group, Stonebwoy, parted ways with her.

She candidly shared her story during an interview with Giovani Caleb on the 3FM Drive, revealing that her sudden departure from Stonebwoy’s record label had left her feeling depressed and mentally fragile.

She recounted her difficult experience, saying:

“It was after the exit. It was something that hit me very hard. It got me thinking, ‘Am I not enough? It started giving me doubts about deserving to be on a label. It put me through some state that I will not wish for my enemy. It put me through a lot. I was depressed. It got to a point I stayed away from everybody.”

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OV went on to reveal that during an outing with another performer, she had a mental breakdown. She described how she almost tore off her own clothing and had to urgently call for an Uber to take her home.

The Dancehall artist disclosed that her despair eventually escalated into a psychotic breakdown that left her incapacitated, leading to her hospitalization.

“I was at a friend’s event. When I got there, I felt like something was not right. So I went out. I started feeling a burning sensation and wanted to take off my clothes.

“I was confined for two weeks. It got to a point where they gave me an overdose of the medicine, unknowingly, and I was paralyzed and drooling all over”.

Regarding the allegations of substance addiction, OV vehemently denied ever using drugs and attributed her mental health struggles to depression.

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