Organised Labour rejects Asogli’s monetary compensation for sacked union executives

Sunon Asogli Power Limited’s offer of a monetary compensation package in place of reinstating the dismissed local union executives of the Ghana Mineworkers Union of TUC has been rejected by Organized Labour. They expressed their disappointment with the company’s refusal to reinstate the union leaders, considering their termination as wrongful.

“Things are not going the way we want it and I don’t know why in our country things are going this way. Labour issues are not taken seriously, and I think if this is the way this country is going to be run then workers are finished… Because NLC gives ruling and the employers refuse to oblige.”

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“Today they have come with a different story, they are now saying that the reinstatement is a no-go area, and they want to compensate the workers. And we think that that was not why this case was brought here. The principle of rights of workers is what we are fighting for, we are not after money, so we will fight this until the right judgement is made,” he stated.

The case will be heard on August 16, 2023, by the Executive Secretary of the National Labour Commission, Ofosu Asamoah, for a final resolution of the matter involving both parties.

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