29-year-old Ghanaian artist attempts longest painting marathon

Mubarikatu Issaka, a resident of Akwatia in the Eastern region, is attempting to break the longest individual painting marathon at the Xtreme pub in Akwatia.

Popularly known as ‘Artist Barry’, the 29-year-old is expected to break the longest individual painting marathon, which lasted for 100 hours.

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The current record holder is a Nigerian art student, Chancellor Ahaghotu, who broke a decade-old record in January this year.

Artist Barry as of today, May 4 has done more than 90 hours out of the 130 and more hours she hopes to achieve in six days.

As with all marathon record-breaking attempts, the challenger is permitted a five-minute break for every continuous hour of activity or a 20-minute break when accumulated for four hours.

Her Sister, Barisa Isaaka who speaks for her disclosed that, she got the approval to embark on the journey of breaking the record sometime in December last year but due to lack of preparation, she postponed.

“Somewhere in December she told me she wanted to embark on this journey, so I encouraged her to apply and she did.

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“Initially she had wanted to embark on the journey in February, but she had to prepare enough, that’s why we decided to start now,” she explained.

For now, Mubarikatu is receiving sponsorship from Mr. Twum Barima, a successful miner in Akwatia, individuals and another philanthropist.

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