Goodbye Gmail: Google will delete accounts that do not meet basic and mandatory requirement, be attentive

Google recently made an announcement about the removal of a large number of email accounts. The messaging system, known as Gmail, was introduced by the popular search engine back in 2004 and gained widespread popularity among users. Presently, Gmail is one of the most extensively utilized email platforms worldwide.

Due to its immense popularity and a continuous influx of millions of new users annually, Google has found it necessary to delete accounts that are rarely used. The majority of these accounts were created for a specific purpose and subsequently forgotten. Consequently, this has sparked concerns among users of the service, who fear that their accounts may be deleted.

Goodbye Gmail: What kind of accounts will disappear?

Google has made the decision to address two main concerns: freeing up server space and enhancing user security. The company emphasizes the need for protection, stating that abandoned accounts pose a risk as they are susceptible to exploitation by fraudsters and hackers. Gmail accounts contribute significantly to the volume of spam received on a daily basis.

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The second reason for this action is related to server space. By deleting inactive accounts, Google creates opportunities for new accounts to be created.

The accounts targeted for deletion are those that have remained unused for a duration of two years. Therefore, if your account has been inactive for this period, there is a possibility that it may be deleted.

Goodbye Gmail: Google will delete accounts What do I do if my account was deleted?

The distinction between Gmail addresses and those of other services lies in the fact that creating a Gmail account grants access to various interconnected Google tools.

By creating a Gmail account, you obtain a versatile access key that allows you to utilize a range of available tools, including YouTube, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Photos, and more.

If your email account is deleted, you will lose all associated content linked to it.

Gmail: How can I prevent my account from being deleted?

The easiest way is to reactivate the use of it. To do this you have to go to your inbox and send an email so that the activity is renewed. One of these options may help:

  1. Connecting to one of the applications with Gmail access (YouTube, etc.).
  2. Connecting to Google with your account and searching on Google
  3. Connecting to the PlayStore and downloading an application.
  4. Go to your email and sign in or send messages
  5. Log in to your inbox and access Google Drive
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