Missing German billionaire who was declared deas is reportedly living with his Mistress in Russia

A German billionaire, Karl-Erivan Haub, who disappeared mysteriously in Switzerland six years ago, has reportedly been discovered living in Moscow with a Russian woman believed to be his mistress. Haub, a 58-year-old German-American retail magnate, vanished while training for a ski mountaineering race in Zermatt, Switzerland, in April 2018.

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According to reports, Haub was last seen riding a lift up the mountain alone, which was unusual behavior for someone known for being safety-conscious. Despite extensive search efforts involving helicopters and rescue teams, his body was never found, leading to his declaration of death by a Cologne court three years later.

Despite assurances from his brother Christian in 2021 that there was no evidence of Haub being alive, a recent investigation by German broadcaster RTL suggests otherwise. They claim to have identified him in Moscow, accompanied by a much younger woman named Veronika Ermilova, believed to be his mistress.

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The investigation uncovered that Haub had made multiple calls to Ermilova in the days leading up to his disappearance, including one lasting over an hour, raising suspicions that he may have been planning to fake his death with her assistance.

“His disappearance came at a time when Tengelmann was doing pretty badly… and was expanding into Russia with the Obi DIY chain, for example.

I am sure it was not a skiing accident, but a staged escape,” the journalist said.

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