Mzbel Reveals Her Son Is Having Problems In School Following Controversial Interview

Mzbel has reported that her son, Kwame Adepa, who now goes by the name Okomfo Black, is currently facing difficulties at school as a result of his controversial interview.

The experienced musician and radio personality revealed that Adepa’s school and peers have begun to ostracize him following his statement expressing disbelief in God. A recent Facebook post by an individual named Voice suggested that it would not be unexpected for certain “African Ghanaian Christians” to caution their children against befriending Mzbel’s son.

He wrote, “After the spectacular and ear-catching interview of #okomfoblack, at his age and the in-depth knowledge he has about our ancestors, at school and in his neighbourhood, I know the African Ghanaian Christians will start advising their children never to make him their friend, but the good thing is that the gods and the ancestors got your back always, champion”.

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With the said post possibly summing up just how much she feels at the current happenings, the 16-year-old hitmaker shared the post with the caption, “Yes, it’s already happening at his school”.

Adepa literally brought the internet down on its knees when he mentioned in a podcast conversation that he doesn’t believe God created him as well. Asked “Who created you?” by the host, he replied, “My mother, she gave birth to me”.

“I believe through science, human beings were born not created and if human beings were created in the first place, I never got to see God as my father or mother. The only person who cares for me is my mother,” he said.

According to Okomfo Black, God doesn’t even do anything for him, unlike his mother. “She buys my clothes, she buys my food, she pays my fees. She does everything, God doesn’t do anything for me,” he said.

In the podcast that has sparked myriad reactions on social media, the singer’s son added that he is not Christian as he revealed he is a traditionalist who pours libation.

“This kid has a long way to go in life… May the God Almighty Test him for him to believe there’s a God we serve. I don’t blame him but how he was raised,” a social media user wrote with another saying that “he doesn’t believe in God but he believes in his ancestors has he seen them before?

“Do they also provide for his mum the way he wants to see it? He’s just a follower of his mother’s faith. Many people are Christians because their parents are Christians and they’ve just accepted Christianity without any questions” one comment on social media said.

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Relatedly, Mzbel rushed to her son’s defence when the heat on him became intense.

In a post on her Instagram page yesterday, Mzbel said they don’t believe in God because anything or everything that has life is a god.

“YES! We don’t believe in the existence of an Almighty God, because we know that everything or anything that has life no matter how big or small is a God, that is why when we pour libation (Pray) we acknowledge and honour all those energies (God). Our ancestors are dead but their blood and spirit runs through us, we are their DNA so we honour them too,” she wrote.

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