Police clash with students of Jasikan College of Education during demo

Students from Jasikan College of Education located in the Oti Region found themselves engaged in a tense confrontation with the police while expressing their dissatisfaction with the conditions of their feeding allowances through a demonstration.

The students were protesting against the timing of their meals and the deduction of GHS 50 from their allowances, which resulted in a heated clash with law enforcement personnel.

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The situation took an unfortunate turn when the presence of police officers at the scene was allegedly requested by the Acting College Secretary, escalating the already tense situation.

According to the students, the college had disconnected electricity connections on the campus, forcing them to leave the premises to charge their phones, which subsequently led to the theft of their personal belongings.

Their grievances extended beyond the issues with feeding allowances to encompass broader concerns about the overall living conditions and treatment they experienced on campus.

During the protest, Freeman Zokah, the Students Representative Council resident, emerged as a leader in addressing the students’ concerns. Unfortunately, he became a target of police brutality, allegedly being physically assaulted by officers, including an instance where a police officer slapped him from behind.

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This incident has garnered significant attention and criticism from various sources, sparking discussions about the appropriate use of force by law enforcement agencies when dealing with peaceful student demonstrations.

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