UK increases salary requirement for foreigners applying for work visas

government led by Rishi Sunak, anticipating an upcoming general election, has introduced new measures, including a substantial increase in the salary threshold for individuals wishing to relocate to the UK.

Home Secretary James Cleverly unveiled these changes in the House of Commons on Monday, revealing that those applying for working visas must now demonstrate a minimum annual income of £38,700 (equivalent to GH₵587,578), a significant raise from the previous requirement of £26,000. Cleverly also outlined the government’s goal to decrease net annual immigration by 300,000 in the coming years, although a specific timeline was not provided.

In addition to the salary requirement adjustment, Cleverly highlighted other measures, such as restrictions on overseas care workers bringing family dependents and the intention to eliminate the 20% salary discount that companies can offer workers on the shortage occupation list.

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Cleverly emphasized the government’s dedication to aiding those in need while addressing public concerns regarding immigration.

“The British people will always do the right thing by those in need,” he stated.

“But they also – and they are absolutely right to want to – reduce overall immigration numbers, not only by stopping the boats and shutting down the illegal routes but by a well-managed reduction in legal migration too.”

Responding to rising immigration figures reported by the Office for National Statistics last week, revealing a net influx of 672,000 people in the year ending June, Rishi Sunak, under intense pressure from within the Tory party, emphasized the government’s commitment to addressing this issue.

Immigration, and the perceived failure to curtail overall numbers, is considered a pivotal electoral issue by party strategists.

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As the UK approaches a crucial general election, these measures signal the government’s proactive stance on immigration, aiming to address concerns and fulfil its promises to the electorate.

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