Video of Koda exposing doctor who gave him wrong medication for 8 months goes viral

The late Ghanaian gospel musician Kofi Owusu Dua Anto, popularly known as KODA, in a viral video exposed a doctor who gave him wrong medication for eight months.

In the video, KODA recounted how in 2015, his wife and sister took him to a major hospital in Takoradi due to health concerns. Following a doctor’s prescription, he diligently took the medication as instructed. However, as he began experiencing symptoms over time, KODA decided to research the medications he had been given.

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He expressed his frustration, stating, “I get emotional talking about it… I cannot take your word any more.”

To his dismay, he discovered that one of the prescribed medicines contained sulphur, a component he knew was unsuitable for him due to his G6PD deficiency. Despite adhering to the medication regimen for nearly eight months, KODA only realized the error after conducting his own investigation.

KODA underscored the significance of advocating for oneself in matters of healthcare, urging individuals to question doctors and thoroughly research prescribed medications. He acknowledged that speaking up might seem assertive but emphasized its potential to prevent serious repercussions.

The video has gained significant traction on social media, sparking discussions about the importance of patient advocacy and raising awareness about the risks associated with medical errors.

Kofi Owusu Dua Anto (KODA), recognized for his remarkable talents as a gospel singer, songwriter, music producer, and proficient multi-instrumentalist, was based in Takoradi within the Western Region of Ghana.

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Tragically, KODA passed away at the age of 45, reportedly after grappling with kidney issues, although further details regarding his death remain unconfirmed.

Watch Below:

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