Who is Agradaa — Nogokpo replies former fetish priestess

The chiefs and people of Nogokpo in the Volta Region have hit back at evangelist Patricia Asiedu, popularly known as Nana Agradaa, for threatening them over their feud with Archbishop Charles Agyinasare.

Nana Agradaa issued a warning to Nogokpo, urging them to cease their threats against Archbishop Agyinasare, whom she referred to as her “father,” after he described the town as a “demonic headquarters.”

However, in a social media post on Thursday, June 8, Nogokpo dismissed Nana Agradaa’s threats as empty and unnecessary. The post questioned Nana Agradaa’s credibility, mentioning her inability to acknowledge the efficacy of talismans given to her for protection against accidents. It also mocked her transition from a comedic money doubler to an evangelist.

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Nogokpo accused Nana Agradaa of deceiving people through money doubling schemes and suggested that she direct her threats towards the deities of the town, Torgbui Zakadza and Torgbui Adzima, rather than the town itself.

The post further highlighted Nana Agradaa’s association with a church that allegedly sells penis enlargement medicine, undermining the seriousness of her words. It advised her not to exploit someone else’s mistake for her own benefit.

According to the post, the town’s chiefs and elders simply desired Archbishop Agyinasare to clear their name in order to restore peace, asserting that there was no spiritual battle taking place.

The post concluded by emphasizing that both Zakadza and Adzima were deities associated with justice and truth, and that everyone, including the chief priests and priestesses, faced the consequences of their actions.

Below is the full post

Who is AGRADAA ?

The one who can’t even give credit to the talisman given her against accident and unforeseen circumstances?

The one who quickly switched from a comic money doubler to a Christian and not just a follower but an Evangelist with her own church?

Funny 😄

Just wait for those you’ve duped in the name of money doubling (which doesn’t exist) cases that came to Torgbui ZAKADZA and Torgbui ADZIMA shrine.

If you really have the guts, direct that threat to Torgbui ZAKADZA and Torgbui ADZIMA (our deities) and not a name of our town called Nogokpo.

A church that sales Pen*s enlargement medicine and you want your words to be taken serious ?

That’s even fake 😂

For your own good, do not climb on someone’s mistake by calling a whole Volta Region demonic and the headquarters is Nogokpo to catch attention for your ungodly things for we don’t regard your relevance anymore.

If you some of these “orthodox pastors” claim to be performing those magic in the name of your belief, then kindly visit our regional hospitals. Many are there with thousands of same emergencies.

For your education, ZAKADZA and ADZIMA are all deities with justice and truth. Even those in the shrine are caught up when they go wrong. You don’t dare do any ungodly thing towards humanity. Everyone faces the consequences not even the chief priest and priestesses are spared.

All the chiefs and elders of the town demand is to clear their name for peace to reign. There’s no spiritual battle here. He also didn’t attack the shrine here. Do not act ignorant !

Thank you.

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