You Are All Wrong- Akrobeto Tells Ghanaians Over His Encounter With Jordan Ayew

Real News anchor and accomplished actor Akrobeto has stepped forward to support Jordan Ayew amidst scrutiny surrounding their interaction when he visited the Black Stars’ camp ahead of their crucial AFCON qualifier against the Central African Republic.

Akrobeto paid a visit to the team during their final training session at the Baba Yara Stadium before the game. Notably, players like Mohammed Kudus, Dede Ayew, Baba Rahman, and Richard Ofori expressed their enthusiasm upon seeing a video of Akrobeto’s visit. Kudus and other celebrities stood up to greet Akrobeto as a gesture of respect for the renowned actor, with Dede Ayew warmly embracing him.

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However, in contrast to some of his colleagues, Jordan Ayew’s reaction to Akrobeto’s presence didn’t seem as enthusiastic. The Crystal Palace forward appeared more engrossed in his phone while seated on the bench rather than engaging with the actor on the field. This led to significant online criticism.

Nevertheless, Akrobeto, in the most recent episode of his comedic show Real News on UTV, came to the defense of Jordan Ayew, asserting that the player had done nothing wrong. Akrobeto clarified that he had already met Jordan Ayew, and they exchanged pleasantries, although this initial interaction wasn’t captured on camera.

He explained that the filmed encounter was their second meeting. Akrobeto also emphasized that Jordan was the first person he encountered at the Black Stars’ camp because he wasn’t participating in the team’s training session. He stressed that since they had already met earlier, there was no reason for him to display excessive excitement, contrary to what some Ghanaians had suggested.

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He Said:

“Some people were saying Jordan Ayew did not get up to greet me. Please, please, he was the first person I talked to when I got there. He was not training with the rest of the team and was sitting alone so I was able to talk to him for about five minutes before the rest of the squad came and I greeted all of them. I had talked to him already so there was no need for him to get up to greet me. I beg those saying it that way that it is totally wrong. All of them were happy and cheerful for my visit. Well done, Black Stars.”

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