Basketmouth claims that Ghanaians are not aggressive

Basketmouth, a Nigerian comedian, believes Ghana has a lot of creative talent and that the reason it isn’t growing is that it lacks the tools needed to sell itself abroad.

In addition, the well-known Nigerian comedian and entertainer claimed that, unlike their Nigerian colleagues, Ghanaians are not active in advertising their own products.

Ghanaians, according to the comedian, are less enthusiastic about supporting their musical stars, but this needs to change if their artists are to flourish on a global stage.

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“Ghana has a lot of great talent, but they aren’t getting the support they need to succeed.” Nigerians are more aggressive in marketing their own, which is why our music is doing so well,” he explained in an interview.

Basketmouth also advised Ghanaian musicians to actively market their music and themselves. He went on to suggest that Ghanaians had wealth that Nigerians lacked. He argued that Ghana’s venues and event centers were outstanding.

He asserted that Nigeria lacked in that area and advised Ghanaians to take advantage of it. Ghanaians appear to prefer Nigerian music to Ghanaian music and have developed a strong preference for it.

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