EC captures over 22K new voters in Western North region

A total of 22,829 new voters, consisting of 11,383 males and 11,446 females, registered at the end of the limited voter registration exercise across the nine districts of the Western North Region.

The registration figures represented 49.86 percent males and 50.14 percent females. Additionally, 314 registrations were challenged in the region.

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Mr. Godwin Tawiah Okley, the Regional Director of the Electoral Commission, shared these statistics with the Ghana News Agency. He noted that in the Suaman District, 1,428 people registered, comprising 776 males and 652 females, with 73 registrations challenged.

The Waiwso district recorded the highest number of registered voters, with a total of 4,400 people, including 2,020 males and 2,380 females, and four challenges.

In the Bibiani Anwhiaso Bekwai district, 3,154 individuals registered, consisting of 1,448 males and 1,706 females, with one challenge. In the Aowin municipal area, 1,688 males and 1,213 females registered, totaling 2,901 people, with five challenges.

The Juaboso district saw 3,037 registrations, including 1,491 males and 1,546 females, with 94 challenges—the highest number in the Western North Region.

The Akontombra district recorded 1,484 registrations, comprising 755 males and 729 females, with 48 challenges.

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Bia West recorded 2,636 registrations, with 1,297 males and 1,339 females, and 89 challenges, while Bia East had 2,844 registrations, including 1,461 males and 1,383 females, with no challenges.

The Bodi District registered 945 individuals, made up of 447 males and 498 females.

Mr. Okley expressed satisfaction with the registration exercise and hoped that the voter transfer and proxy exercise would also be successful.

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