Flag of a new political party in Ghana pops up

A flag representing a purported new political party has been circulating widely on various social media platforms, leaving Ghanaians uncertain about its authenticity and whether someone is testing the waters.

The flag features a white background with a sun symbol and the inscription “United Peoples Party (UPP),” accompanied by the motto “United to build.”

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Although there has been no official confirmation, netizens and other social media users have suggested that it may be associated with the former Trade Minister’s potential new political party.

There are already speculations that Alan Kyeremanten could distance himself from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) following his withdrawal from the party’s November 4th Delegates Conference. His withdrawal cited intimidation and attacks on his supporters as the reasons behind this decision.

Mr. Kyeremanten finished third in the party’s super delegates conference held on August 26, 2023, and he cited systematic intimidation and manipulation favoring one candidate as his justification for pulling out of the November race.

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In a recent press statement, Mr. Kyeremanten did not affirm his commitment to the NPP but instead indicated that he would reveal his role in Ghanaian politics in the future. This has fueled speculation that he may be in the process of establishing a new political party.

The NPP has officially acknowledged his withdrawal from the flagbearer race and has promised to address the concerns outlined in his withdrawal letter to the party.

Some political analysts have suggested that any move by Mr. Kyeremanten to form a new political party could harm his political aspirations, while others see it as an opportunity for him to showcase his popularity and influence in Ghanaian politics.

Regardless of the direction Mr. Kyeremanten and his team choose, the coming days are likely to bring twists and turns to Ghana’s political landscape.

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