Side Chick in fear as wife of married man she dated frequently calls & text her to curse, insult & threaten her

In a troubling narrative shared with Nigerian relationship expert Joro Olumofin, an anonymous woman disclosed her ongoing ordeal.

She is no longer in a relationship with the married man she once dated. However, his wife continues to torment her with persistent phone calls and abusive text messages. Despite the woman’s efforts to reason with the married man, he downplays the situation, asserting that his wife is merely playing around and will eventually stop her harassment.

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The situation has taken a darker turn as the wife not only persists but also seems to be monitoring the mistress’s movements. On one occasion, she received a text from the wife describing the exact outfit she was wearing, which left her deeply unsettled. Consequently, she has started taking precautions, such as wearing a face mask in public, to avoid being recognized by the man’s wife.

Despite repeatedly blocking the wife’s phone numbers, the relentless harassment persists, as the wife resorts to using new phone numbers to convey threats and intimidation.

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