Kuame Eugene Drops Diss Track For His Ex-Househelp?

The ongoing verbal dispute between Kuame Eugene and his former housemaid has taken a new twist, with reports suggesting that the Rockstar has entered the studio to create a diss track directed at his ex-domestic worker. In a recent development, Kuame Eugene released a new song titled ‘Onyame Ehu Wo’ to address the issue. This song, a reinterpretation of a classic piece by KK Kabobo, reflects Eugene’s feelings of remorse, disillusionment, and betrayal.

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Through his music, Kuami Eugene also underscores the repercussions awaiting those who engage in such actions, emphasizing divine punishment.

The lyrics convey a message urging individuals to consider their actions, with a reminder that God is observant. Eugene addresses the issue of betrayal, expressing disappointment at false accusations and backbiting. The lyrics stress the need for change, warning that such behavior goes against what God values most.As reported by Tru News Report, Mary, Kuame Eugene’s former housekeeper, revealed to a Ghanaian blogger that the popular artist used to pay her a meager GHC400 during her employment.

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She mentioned that her salary was increased to only GHC600 after two years, and unfortunately, due to misunderstandings, Kuami Eugene had to let her go.Despite Kuami Eugene expressing admiration for Mary in a previous interview, clarifying that they shared a familial bond introduced by his fiancée two years ago, Mary’s recent statements have garnered widespread attention. In response, Kuami Eugene expressed his thoughts with the phrase “Nipa Bi Y3 Cobra” and shared pictures exuding style and confidence.

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