Lil Wayne’s Former Bodyguard Drags Him To Court For Threatening To Shoot Him

A lawsuit has been filed against Lil Wayne by a former bodyguard who claims that during a 2021 altercation, the ex-Hot Boy threatened to shoot him. Carlos Christian submitted the lawsuit on December 1, alleging that Lil Wayne used a semiautomatic rifle to make the threat. Christian took the threat seriously, citing Lil Wayne’s previous conviction on weapons possession charges. The specific amount of damages sought by Christian has not been disclosed.

In December 2021, Christian reported to the police about a physical altercation with Lil Wayne at Wayne’s Hidden Hills mansion in California. Christian stated that the altercation began when Lil Wayne accused him of taking and leaking photos to the media.

According to Christian, Lil Wayne physically assaulted him and brandished an assault rifle after Christian went to the bathroom instead of leaving immediately. Christian left the premises and contacted the police at the guard shack, but by the time they arrived, Lil Wayne had already left.

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A reliable source close to Lil Wayne has denied the incident, emphasizing that he does not possess a firearm. Law enforcement officials have expressed skepticism about the validity of the story, noting that the security guard involved in the alleged altercation did not show visible marks or injuries.

Despite reporting the incident to the police, Christian decided not to press charges. Lil Wayne previously faced a potential 10-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to a federal weapons charge but was pardoned by former President Donald Trump in January. In December 2019, authorities received an anonymous tip about potential drug transportation on Lil Wayne’s private jet. A search revealed a gold-plated Remington 1911 .45-caliber handgun and a bag with small quantities of cocaine, ecstasy, and oxycodone.

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