Young Man narrates how his church didn’t support his wedding because his fiancee was from another church

Nigerian entrepreneur Nelson Nwamara, who co-founded Homeland Group, recently shared the religious challenges he and his wife confronted before their marriage due to differences in their Christian faiths. Nelson, a charismatic Catholic, and his wife, a pastor at Dominion City church, faced opposition from church leaders and members, despite having support from their families.

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Their journey was marked by obstacles, including reluctance from Nelson’s wife to inform her pastor about their wedding plans and directives from a Reverend father for her to convert to Catholicism before their marriage. The couple also experienced labeling, with Nelson being called an idol worshipper due to his faith. Despite the opposition, the couple, now parents to two children, proceeded with their union. Nelson attributes his successes, including co-founding Homeland Group, to his wife’s unwavering support. He criticizes the church conflicts that he believes have left many eligible individuals single.

The couple eventually wedded in the Catholic church after Nelson’s wife had to leave her church branch due to disagreements. Emphasizing their commitment to unity, Nelson revealed that they are flexible with their place of worship, alternating between the Catholic and Dominion City churches.

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