Mr Ibu reveals his near-death experience: “I saw dead people, but God brought me back.”

Mr Ibu recently spoke with Vanguard about his serious sickness, which forced him to withdraw from public life for three years. He believed that the bizarre illness that had landed him in the hospital was caused by individuals who despised him.

Ibu previously claimed that his domestic employees poisoned him because of his successful job. The seasoned Nollywood comedic actor revealed that God had returned him back after “passing to the other side.”

Okafor claimed that God granted him a second opportunity despite the fact that his opponents celebrated his illness and predicted his death. He went on to say that his illness had taught him a “huge lesson.”

“My condition was actually perpetrated by those who despise me,” Mr Ibu stated. They did exactly what they did to me. I was afterwards transported to the hospital.

The doctors are foretellers. Then they went into my system and informed me of what was wrong and what they planned to do. ‘Whatever you’re going to do, please do it; let me live because the enemies would laugh if I die like this,’ I begged. The doctors then stated, “OK, there’s no problem.”

“At the moment, I had no idea what had transpired. I left! So they taped whatever I was saying. I was speaking in the manner of someone who is insane. I wasn’t really seeing anyone. But I was seeing some dead folks on the other side where I was at the time. “God resurrected me.”

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However, Mr Ibu previously stated that he no longer consumes food provided by his wife, Stella Maris.

He made the revelation in answer to a question about how being poisoned in the past affected his relationships with others, as well as in light of the recent difficulty with his wife. Mr Ibu claimed he stopped eating her meals after she battled with him and his adopted daughter, Jasmine Chioma, about rumours that they were having an affair.

He added that, while he loves to eat, he now only consumes food prepared by his daughter since he has lost trust in her.

The Nollywood veteran, who has previously been married, has stated that if he and Stella Maris divorce, he will not take another wife.

“I have landed homes and maybe ten cars,” he says. My wife’s new companions appear to be greedy to me. They are keeping an eye on my properties. They believe that if something were to happen to me, my wife would inherit all…

“My wife has been extremely affectionate since the current occurrence.” But I know it’s all a ruse to attract my attention. I still show her affection by providing money for household expenses and ensuring the family’s well-being. But, I am skeptical. I can’t eat her meals any longer. For the time being, I exclusively eat from Jasmine’s kitchen. She cooks frequently, and I enjoy eating.”

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