There is no need to fight a cheating husband if his penis is not taken away – Marriage counsellor

According to marriage counsellor Juliana Antwi Asante, it is absurd for women to fight their adulterous husbands when their penises remain intact following sex with other women.

On Wednesday, 5 April 2023, the President of Marriage Scaffold made this contentious statement on Accra-based Class FM’s morning show.

“So you go and see your husband even on top of a woman and you fight?” If you bring this to me as a counsellor, I’ll tell you there’s no need to argue because, excuse my French, the penis isn’t plucked off after the sex; so, why would I fight?” According to Ghanaweb, she said.

Antwi Asante told Korku Lumor that the way a wife who has been cheated on treats the situation determines whether the man will repent or continue to cheat.

“There is no need for fighting, and respect must begin at home.”And I guarantee you that when you serve him, he will have difficulty eating because he has no idea what I’ll do next.”

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According to her, it is easier to resolve infidelity issues when the husband confesses to his wife of his own free will. However, most women erupt at that point and escalate the situation rather than seizing the opportunity to figure out what went wrong and find a solution.

“If you come to confide in me as a wife; when you even tell me [you cheated on me], it gives you another level of respect.” You, a husband, a man of your own; going out to do this and then coming out to tell me? Oh, aren’t you a lovely husband? “Aren’t you a sweetheart?”

Antwi Asante admitted that her point of view would appear strange to many people, but she quickly added that women who followed her advice saw positive results and are enjoying their marriages.

“Perhaps my stance is odd, but [these] are things we’ve taught people, and they’ve practiced and really worked; that’s what you’re talking about.”

Antwi Asante is not the first or only marriage counselor to express this viewpoint. Reverend Charlotte Oduro, her colleague, has stated numerous times that when a cheating man returns home, his wife should feed and pamper him.

She advised a woman who has been cheated on to do introspection to figure out what went wrong and pushed her husband into the arms of other women, and then to fix herself.

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