Strongman calls Style Influencer Firestick, A Failed Boxer

Rapper Strongman engaged in a heated argument with fashion critic Firestick during a Twitter Space conversation centered around the fashion choices of Ghanaian artists. The disagreement centered on Firestick’s “Wear Legit” concept, which advocates for celebrities to opt for authentic sneakers and attire.

The dispute between rapper Strongman and fashion critic Firestick escalated rapidly as they clashed over differing perspectives. Strongman was particularly discontented with Firestick’s push for celebrities to prioritize genuine clothing, asserting that not all artists could afford such costly garments. He pointed out that many independent musicians lacked the financial backing of record labels and couldn’t afford to spend on extravagances.

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Firestick’s “Wear Legit” ideology encourages public figures, especially those in the entertainment sector, to embrace original outfits and sneakers. This notion is designed to promote the preference for authentic products over counterfeit items, influencing fans and followers to make ethical choices.

As the conversation unfolded in the Twitter Space, Strongman and Firestick found themselves at odds. Their conflicting viewpoints swiftly transformed into a heated exchange of words. Strongman, known for his confrontational approach, didn’t hold back in expressing his disagreement. In a pointed response, he derisively referred to Firestick as an unsuccessful boxer, seemingly aiming to undermine Firestick’s credibility in the realm of fashion critique.

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