Burna Boy reacts to report that he’s worth $22 million

Afrobeats sensation Burna Boy has offered a response to a recent report by Google estimating his net worth at $22 million.

The musician implied that the reported figure might not accurately reflect his actual net worth.

During a recent interview, the host performed a quick online search on Burna Boy, and the search results displayed a net worth of $22 million for the artist.

In light of this revelation, the interviewer inquired whether this search result was indeed accurate or not.

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Burna Boy’s reaction was to burst into laughter upon hearing the disclosed amount. He continued to chuckle for a brief period before composing himself.

Once his laughter subsided, Burna Boy mentioned that he doesn’t mind if people perceive his worth to be around that level. However, he suggested that the reported amount is not entirely correct.

While he didn’t explicitly state whether the reported net worth was inflated or underestimated, his demeanor suggests that he might be worth more than the reported figure.

It’s important to note that Burna Boy had previously made headlines for his purchase of two high-end cars in the previous December, indicating his substantial financial capacity.

Although the precise value of Burna Boy’s net worth remains uncertain, his response to the Google report introduces an element of intrigue surrounding his financial status.

He inquired whether the search result was accurate or inaccurate.

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