The Battle Is Not Over – Sidechick Sends Warning To Sugar Daddy After Court Ruling

Deborah Seyram Adablah has emphasized to both her sugar daddy, Mr. Ernest Kwasi Nimako, and the judge overseeing their legal conflict that the case is far from concluded. Adablah garnered significant attention locally and internationally when she brought her older partner to court, alleging a breach of their financial support agreement.

However, after the High Court in Accra dismissed the case on November 28, 2023, Adablah has declared her intention to appeal. Justice John Bosco Nabarese, who delivered the ruling, acknowledged the impropriety of the relationship between Adablah and the former Chief Finance Officer of a bank but ultimately deemed Adablah’s lawsuit legally unfounded.

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The court firmly asserted its refusal to endorse a relationship built on immoral acts, stating, “You cannot recover the price of something you have committed in an immoral act.” Despite being instructed to pay a cost of GH¢10,000, Deborah Seyram Adablah has made it clear that she remains steadfast in pursuing the legal dispute, emphasizing that the matter is far from being resolved.

She stated:

“A young male journalist approached me today and asked what I had to say to the ruling You guys were equally in court Was that the right thing for the judge Justice John Bosco Nabarese to do? Well, my counsel will apply for the ruling and apply the LAW accordingly -The case is NOT OVER! Absolutely NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW I saw you people taking videos and pictures, make sure the ones you’ll publish are catchy yeah Thank you.”

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