Angry Groom Kills Bride, 3 Others On Wedding Day

Chaturong Suksuk, a Thai man, is accused of engaging in a shooting incident at his wedding, resulting in the tragic deaths of his bride, Kanchana Pachunthuek, and three others. The incident unfolded in northeast Thailand shortly after the couple had recently married. Reports indicate that a disagreement between Suksuk and his new wife escalated, prompting him to abruptly leave the celebration and return with a firearm.

Regrettably, the bride’s mother, sister, and a guest also lost their lives, while another guest was hospitalized. Authorities revealed that Suksuk was heavily intoxicated during the incident and had legally acquired the gun and ammunition the previous year. The motive behind the killings remains unclear, though Thai media has suggested that Suksuk may have felt insecure about the age difference between himself and his bride. It is noteworthy that Suksuk, a decorated para-athlete and former soldier, had overcome challenges after losing one of his legs while serving in the military.

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According to Thai media, Chaturong and Kanchana had lived together for three years before getting married, as reported by the BBC. The groom, an outstanding athlete, achieved a notable accomplishment by winning a silver medal in swimming at the 2022 Asian Para Games in Indonesia.

Additionally, there is speculation that he is slated to participate in the upcoming World Abilitysport Games in Thailand next month. Chaturong, unfortunately, experienced the loss of his right leg while serving with the paramilitary light infantry force responsible for patrolling Thailand’s borders.

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