Traditional priest to serve a day in prison for harming unemployed woman


An Accra Circuit Court has imposed a one-day prison sentence on a traditional priest, Michael Martey Mamah, for causing harm to an unemployed woman in Teshie, Accra. Mamah, who pleaded guilty to the charge of causing harm, was accompanied by some of his relatives to offer apologies to both the court and the complainant.

Presided over by Mr. Kwabena Kodua Obiri, the court convicted Mamah based on his own admission of guilt and additionally ordered him to pay a fine of GHC6,000. In the event of default, Mamah would serve a one-year imprisonment. The court further mandated the convict to compensate the complainant with an amount of GHC6,000.

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The prosecution, led by Inspector Belinda Asante, explained that the complainant, Cecelia Korley, was an unemployed resident of Chorkor in Accra, while the accused, Michael Martey, was a Traditional Priest residing in Teshie. On October 24, 2023, during puberty rites organized by the Teshie Gbuglan family, of which Mamah was a member, Mamah confronted the complainant over her accusation that some of the nominated ladies involved in the rites had previously undergone abortions.

In the course of discussing the matter, Mamah became agitated and physically assaulted the complainant, slapping her and pushing her to the ground. This resulted in a swollen right cheek and a dislocated right shoulder for the complainant. Subsequently, the complainant reported the incident to the police, and she was issued a medical form to seek treatment at the hospital. After visiting the hospital, the complainant returned with the medical form endorsed by a medical officer from LEKMA Hospital.

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The prosecutor noted that Mamah was later arrested, and during his cautioned statement, he admitted to the offense.

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