Celestine Donkor Apologises To Nigerian Artiste, Nathaniel Bassey

Celestine Donkor publicly apologized to Nathaniel Bassey following their disagreement during the Twitter Spaces event hosted by Kwame Dadzie and powered by Joy FM.

Celestine Donkor reacted to Nathaniel Bassey’s assertion that Ghanaian gospel artists must sing in English to attain success. She suggested that Nathaniel’s comment stemmed from a sense of guilt, implying that Nigerian artists enjoy more recognition in Ghana compared to their Ghanaian counterparts.

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Additionally, she pointed out the challenges faced by Ghanaians in gaining significant recognition in Nigeria, unlike the acclaim Nigerian artists receive in Ghana.

“You receive a call for an event, there are about five Nigerian artistes on it and you know that they have paid them huge sums of money but the moment you put your cards on the table, that is the end of the conversation. For me I think this prophecy was inspired by guilt. It was inspired by guilt because you host a concert in somebody’s country, you put only two of their celebrated artistes on their concert. And because you are feeling guilty about the whole thing clashing with some concerts that are already going on, you prophesy that our time will come,” she noted.

Celestine argued that Nathaniel should have encouraged the Nigerian music industry to be more open to Ghanaian musicians.

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“I respect Nathaniel Bassey so much but I pray that he will also use the same platform like that, when he gets on the stage of Experience, when he gets on big platforms. He is a global icon. We honour and celebrate him. He should also speak that give your brothers in sister in Ghana a chance,” she said.

Following her controversial remarks, supporters from both Nigeria and Ghana expressed their disapproval promptly. Celestine Donkor, acknowledging the criticisms, swiftly issued a statement offering sincere apologies for her comments.

This her statement below

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