Woman narrates how her husband infected her with Syphilis when she was 2 months pregnant resulting in the tragic loss of their unborn child

A woman has shared a heart-wrenching account of how her husband transmitted Syphilis to her when she was six months pregnant, resulting in the tragic loss of their unborn child.

Shockingly, following the devastating loss, her husband placed blame on her, accusing her of infecting both him and the baby with Syphilis. During this challenging period, the woman was pursuing her master’s degree, and the emotional toll led to her struggling with depression. However, at a certain point, she noticed her husband taking medication and displaying symptoms similar to hers. To her disappointment, her husband repeatedly declined to accompany her to see a doctor but instead sought medical attention independently.

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Her world was turned upside down when she came across messages between her husband and his mistress, wherein the mistress apologized for infecting him with Syphilis.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the husband continued to point fingers at her until one day when he finally confessed and sought forgiveness.

Now confronted with this intricate and distressing situation, the woman is contemplating divorce and has sought advice from the followers of Nigerian Relationship expert Joro Olumofin.

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