Yvonne is a sweet girl – Iyanya as he shares his side of the story

Nigerian artist Iyanya has chosen a different approach to address the situation involving Yvonne Nelson, who revealed an alleged cheating scandal involving him in a chapter of her memoir.

Although the couple ended their relationship almost a decade ago, Yvonne documented her experience as part of her healing process, which has sparked controversy.

Initially, Iyanya condemned the move, preferring to keep their private matters out of the public eye. However, after careful consideration, he stated that he understands the emotional need for Yvonne to express herself.

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“Yvonne is a sweet girl. I’m sure the book is doing well, obviously, because everybody is talking about it. I don’t really feel good that I have to sit down on radio and talk about it because it’s very emotional. I wish we could sit down and talk about it,” he said in an interview on Starr FM.

Despite his usually nonchalant demeanor, Iyanya has taken responsibility for his role in the breakup and expressed a desire to have a mature conversation with Yvonne in order to finally close that chapter.

In a surprising turn of events, Iyanya expressed genuine admiration for his former lover, describing her as a sweet girl. He acknowledged the attention Yvonne’s book has received and believed it is doing well. However, he quickly added that the subject is too sensitive to discuss publicly.

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Asked if his feelings for Yvonne at the time were genuine, Iyanya responded in the positive, adding that “my soul was in Yvonne, I loved her, that’s why I had a tattoo of her name on my wrist. The tattoo was to show I have a piece of her everywhere I go.”

When asked about his feelings for Yvonne at the time, Iyanya confirmed that they were genuine, stating, “My soul was in Yvonne, I loved her. That’s why I had a tattoo of her name on my wrist. The tattoo symbolized that I carry a piece of her with me wherever I go.”

He emphasized that they currently maintain a cordial relationship and advised Ghanaians not to judge Yvonne for her decision to write a revealing memoir.

“I also feel like at the end of the day she is healing. Let’s not forget that too whatever it is. But what we all need to understand is that everybody has been through ups and downs and being famous comes with the territory,” he added.

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