28-year-old lady mysteriously dies after visiting boyfriend at Sehwi Mpomam

A tragic incident occurred in Sehwi Dwenase, situated within the Sehwi Wiawso municipality of the Western North Region, resulting in the untimely demise of a 28-year-old woman identified as Maame Mra.

Reports indicate that Maame Mra had visited her boyfriend, a police officer, in Sehwi Mpomam. Upon her return, she boarded a tricycle that unfortunately became involved in a severe accident.

Compounding the sorrowful circumstances is an additional facet to her unfortunate passing. Unnamed sources have revealed that Maame Mra had a heated altercation with her police officer boyfriend, which tragically escalated to him allegedly stabbing her.

This turn of events has cast a darker shadow over the circumstances of Mra’s death, leading to increased tension in the area.

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In response to these distressing revelations, some residents of Mpomam, where the victim’s boyfriend resides, clashed with the police upon their arrival at the crime scene. The agitation led the residents to throw stones at the police officers and their vehicle, resulting in damage to the vehicle’s windows and other parts.

As the investigation gets underway, both the tricycle driver and the implicated police officer have been taken into custody to assist the authorities in their inquiries.

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