52% of Ghanaians don’t want Ghana soldiers joining raid in Niger – Global InfoAnalytics

A recent two-day survey carried out by the well-regarded research firm Global InfoAnalytics on August 18 and 19 has revealed that approximately 52% of Ghanaians are against Ghana’s involvement in a military intervention aimed at reinstating democracy in Niger.

The survey involved 1,618 participants from all sixteen regions of Ghana. Among its findings, the survey indicated that almost 76% of Ghanaians believe that instances of coups in African nations stem from poor governance within those countries.

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Conversely, 17% do not share this perspective, and 7% have no particular stance on the matter.

Furthermore, 49% of the respondents hold the opinion that coups do not provide a lasting solution to addressing issues of governance, while 43% hold the opposite view, and 8% have no opinion on this matter.

In light of the recent removal of Niger President Mohamed Bazoum, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) decided on August 10 to deploy its standby force to reinstate constitutional order in Niger. This decision was reached following multiple unsuccessful attempts at peaceful negotiations.

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Omar Alieu Touray, the President of ECOWAS, announced this resolution during an ECOWAS Extraordinary meeting in Abuja. Subsequently, a week later on August 17, Chiefs of Defense Staff from ECOWAS convened in Accra to discuss the related issues and potential mobilization of personnel.

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