BNI, police, others deployed to prevent malpractice at Koforidua BECE centres

Authorities from the Ghana Police Service (GPS), National Investigations Bureau (NIB), and external invigilators have been dispatched to address any instances of exam cheating that may arise at different examination centers during the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in the Eastern Region’s New Juaben South Municipality.

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A total of 2,488 candidates from 76 primary schools are currently participating in the BECE at four exam venues in Koforidua.

The Municipal Director of Education, Mustapha Haruna Appiah, has assured that comprehensive measures have been implemented to prevent any form of cheating during the exams at all Koforidua centers.

“They need to be strict in allowing them to enter the classroom. If we search them, and they don’t have any foreign material, they should just take it from them. We have also spoken to the children. Last week, we went round to the schools to speak with the candidates about the implications of examination malpractice, and we believe they have listened and will not exhibit anything untoward.”

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“Going round, we could see that their confidence level is high. This shows that there will be no examination malpractice based on what we have done on the ground. They also know that the BNI and other security operatives are around. So they know that if anyone misbehaves and the law catches up with them, the law will deal with them mercilessly,” he stated.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Isaac Appau Gyasi, has praised various individuals involved, including candidates, for their behavior and approach. He also mentioned that the local administration will provide support to talented yet financially challenged students to continue their education once they perform exceptionally well in the exams.

“Today’s rounds have shown that the teachers have adequately prepared the students, and you could see the seriousness of the students. So I am very happy, and I am sure that the outcome will be good for all of us.”

“The assurance is that the assembly will always be there for them. We will support them like we have done in the past. All we want them to do is to pass and pass well,” he said.

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