Buduatta JHS Headmaster allegedly blows registration fees, students sacked from BECE centre

Two pupils from Gomoa Buduatta DA Junior High School were prevented from participating in the initial paper of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) on Monday.

This unfortunate event was a consequence of the principal’s choice to hold back the exam registration fees of these students, subsequently leading to their exclusion from the ongoing assessment due to the absence of index numbers.

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The principal’s failure to forward the collected fees to the appropriate authorities triggered anger among the parents of the students. They were deeply upset by the abrupt denial of their children’s right to partake in this crucial examination.

The lack of index numbers left the affected students in a helpless position, as they were incapable of taking the exam they had diligently prepared for.

Emotions were highly charged as enraged parents congregated at the school premises to voice their complaints and call for justice on behalf of their children.

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Driven by their frustration, some parents even issued threats to confront the absent principal, accusing him of negligence. This underscored the seriousness of the situation and their unwavering resolve to safeguard their children’s educational entitlements.

In a heartrending scene, the two students who were barred from sitting for the exam were observed shedding tears while their peers began the assessment.

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