Agradaa replies trolls mocking her for her husband’s absence at family gathering

Nana Agradaa, who has turned away from her traditionalist beliefs, remains undisturbed by the barrage of negative comments and online criticism directed at her due to her apparent marital difficulties.

The most recent wave of trolling was triggered by the wedding ceremony of her younger brother, which took place over the weekend.

While the event garnered attention for various reasons, the absence of her husband has taken the spotlight.

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Internet users expressed concerns about the state of her marriage, fueled by initial reports suggesting that her husband has chosen to end the relationship. His nonattendance at the wedding has solidified the perception that there are indeed troubles within their relationship.

Agradaa, renowned for her assertive and outspoken nature, took to social media to address the issue.

In a frank post, she appealed to her critics to ease off and allow her to focus on her income-generating endeavors.

Furthermore, she characterized her husband as having been unsupportive from the very beginning, stating that no action of his would catch her off guard.

“He didn’t even come to my ordination so if he doesn’t come to my brother’s wedding, please let me be. Afterall the wedding was successful,” she posted.

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