Dumelo distributes Maths set to Ayawaso candidates 2023 BECE

In the midst of the ongoing 2023 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), the actor and politician John Dumelo has expressed his support for the students in the Ayawaso West constituency by personally providing Mathematics sets to the candidates.

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Commencing yesterday, Dumelo initiated the distribution process by visiting different communities within the constituency, aiming to equip the candidates with the essential educational tools they need for their upcoming Mathematics paper.

The primary goal of this endeavor is to aid the students in their preparation for the Mathematics exam and furnish them with the necessary resources to excel in their examinations.

While distributing the Maths sets, Dumelo not only handed out the required materials but also seized the opportunity to uplift and inspire the young scholars.

He shared words of encouragement, urging them to strive diligently, aim for ambitious goals, and embrace innovative thinking.

Dumelo’s involvement in the distribution of Mathematics sets aligns with his dedication to enhancing education and empowering the youth within his constituency.

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Beyond this initiative, Dumelo has actively engaged in various other projects aimed at community development. These include enhancements to local infrastructure, initiatives to empower young individuals, and efforts to stimulate entrepreneurship and create job prospects for the residents.

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