Bulldogs attacked and killed 8-year-old boy in Kumasi

On Sunday evening, two bulldogs attacked and killed an eight-year-old boy at his family’s home in Abrepo-Broni, a suburb of Kumasi. The intention behind the attack was to feed the dogs. The incident is currently under investigation, and on Tuesday, the mutilated body of the boy was released for burial with the approval of the police.

According to an anonymous eyewitness who spoke to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), the family had been experiencing robbery incidents, which led them to acquire the two bulldogs as a security measure against the robbers. The dogs had been living with the family for five years without showing any signs of aggression towards anyone in the house. The deceased had developed a bond with the animals because he was the one who regularly fed them.

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On the day of the incident, the parents of the deceased were away, and he was in the house with his siblings and grandmother. A few minutes after the boy went to feed the dogs, his grandmother heard his cries for help. She rushed to his rescue but was also attacked by the dogs, sustaining multiple bites on her arm, under her breast, ribs, thigh, and she was even stripped naked by the dogs.

The elder brother of the deceased, thinking he could handle the situation due to his familiarity with the dogs, also tried to help but ended up being bitten on the arm. When he couldn’t bear the pain anymore, he went outside to call for assistance. However, due to the aggressive nature of the dogs, none of the neighbors who arrived at the scene were able to approach and rescue the deceased. The police were then called for help.

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The police arrived and had to stand on the fence wall of the house to shoot and kill one of the dogs. They later conducted a search and shot the other dog, resulting in both animals being killed. The police immediately rushed the deceased, his elder brother, and grandmother, who were covered in blood, to a hospital. Unfortunately, the boy was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The body of the deceased was taken to the hospital’s mortuary and has since been released for burial. The elder brother and grandmother received medical treatment and were discharged from the hospital.

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