Chaos as man attempts to free suspect at Bereku police station

Residents of Awutu Bereku are shocked after an audacious effort by an alleged land guard known as Razak to liberate a detainee from the local police station. The situation quickly escalated, prompting an immediate response from a Police Patrol unit, which had to discharge multiple cautionary gunshots to restore order.

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Subsequently, law enforcement officers intervened and re-apprehended both the suspect and his accomplice. Earlier reports suggest that Razak and his associates had previously been implicated in the unauthorized destruction of a developer’s property, carried out without obtaining a court order. One of the suspects had already been taken into police custody in relation to this incident.

Upon getting wind of his friend’s arrest, Razak reportedly took matters into his own hands, attempting to free his associate from detainment. This bold endeavor resulted in the police firing warning shots to prevent further disruptions.

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Chief Superintendent Joshua Semanyo, the District Police Commander of Awutu Bereku, confirmed the event to Adom News. Nevertheless, he refrained from furnishing more details, citing ongoing investigations into the issue.

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