CLOGSAG calls off strike in Ho after resolution with Assembly Members

The Civil and Local Government Staff Association Ghana (CLOGSAG) in the Ho Municipality has instructed its members working in the area to resume their duties on Monday, June 19, 2023. This decision comes after a previous directive for its members to halt work due to the demand made by Assembly members to remove the Municipal Finance Officer (MFO). CLOGSAG strongly criticized the actions of the Assembly members, labeling them as acts of terrorism, which prompted them to order their members to refrain from work. However, through negotiations involving CLOGSAG, the Assembly members, and the Municipal Assembly, a resolution was reached, urging CLOGSAG members to return to work. In a statement, CLOGSAG cautioned that if similar acts were repeated by the Ho Municipal Assembly members, they would respond accordingly.

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“The Presiding Member and the Assembly Members must note that they are not to direct or instruct the staff of the Assembly on how to go about their work. There are rules and regulations for efficient service delivery”.

“By these assurances; all CLOGSAG members of the Ho Municipal Assembly are to organize themselves and resume work on Monday, 19 June 2023. Should this dastardly act be perpetrated again on our members in the Ho Municipal Assembly; CLOGSAG would advise itself accordingly,” CLOGSAG warned in its statement.

On June 8, the Assembly members, wearing red attire, gathered at the Municipal Assembly premises, locked the MFO’s office, and immobilized the office vehicle, all in an attempt to compel the removal of the MFO from his position.

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