District Police Commander’s boyfriend found dead in her bedroom

A young man said to be the boyfriend of a District Police Commander has been found dead in her room.

His body was discovered in her girlfriend’s bedroom, an official police residence at Kpetoe in the Volta Region on Thursday (Oct 26, 2023).

The said girlfriend [name withheld] is a Superintendent of Police who was reportedly out of town in Ho at the time of the incident.

She is currently the Kpetoe District Police Commander.
The deceased, said to be her fiance, has been identified as Billy Bless.

Bless’s body has since been sent to the morgue at the Ho Teaching Hospital (HTH) for preservation and autopsy.

Billy Bless, believed to be in his mid-40s, a former employee of Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) was a son of the late Paramount Chief of Gbi, Togbega Gabusu VI.

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What happened?

Sources close to the District Security Council (DISEC) and the police command have told Graphiconline that Billy Bless visited the Superintendent of Police in Ho on Wednesday [Oct 25, 2023].

The police officer was reportedly in Ho to visit her ailing father.

Billy Bless, according to Graphiconline’s sources left the Superintendent of Police and her father, without telling them where he was going to.

He, however, travelled to Kpetoe and told the police commander’s driver that he would sleep over in her official residence.

The police driver then handed over the keys to the house to him [Billy Bless].

The next day when the police driver realised the key had not been left at the usual place, he contacted the police commander who was still in Ho at the time to inform her about the unusual turn of events.

Carpenter’s assistance

The sources told Graphiconline that the Superintendent of Police then instructed the driver to seek the assistance of a carpenter to open the door, and he obliged.

Upon entering the house, it was realised that the bedroom was locked, and it was subsequently forced open, only for the body of the deceased to be found hanging in the bedroom.

Graphiconline’s Alberto Mario Noretti gathered that the deceased [Billy] and the police commander were preparing to get married, when she found out that Billy had another girlfriend with whom he had a child.


Based on this, the Police Commander reportedly told him to rather go for the other woman.

“That may have depressed him into taking his own life,” a DISEC member told Graphiconline’s Alberto Mario Noretti.

Investigations are however underway.

A source has told Graphiconline that the incident was being handled as a case of suicide in the interim.

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