Drug theft: Bolga Hospital pharmacist assisting investigation reported dead

Samuel Amoateng Saffoh, the leader of the Pharmacy Department at the Upper East Regional Hospital, has passed away. The news of his sudden demise on Saturday night, September 23, 2023, has raised suspicions among many, who believe foul play may be involved. They emphasize that he was in good health and point to a possible connection with the recent discovery of a large-scale theft of government medicines at the hospital, allegedly orchestrated by a criminal group.

Mr. Saffoh was one of the top officials at the hospital who had been cooperating with the police’s investigation into the massive drug thefts. While providing information to aid the inquiry, he unexpectedly fell ill and subsequently passed away. Hospital authorities have confirmed his death and noted that he had dedicated five years of service to the institution.

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In the wake of his untimely demise, it has come to light that Saffoh had established an audit team to account for all medicines supplied by the Ministry of Health to the regional hospital over the past two years. He had been actively pursuing additional evidence and leads and had expressed a commitment to holding those responsible for the thefts accountable.

Colleagues and associates are deeply shocked by his sudden death. They find it puzzling, especially since some of them had spoken to him on the phone just the night before his passing.

This marks the second mysterious death connected to the investigation and trial surrounding the drug thefts. On August 15, 2023, Mercy Alagpulinsa, a crucial witness expected to testify against three hospital staff members arrested in connection with the thefts, died under suspicious circumstances. Before her death, she had reported an encounter with an administrator from the Ghana Health Service who had a vested interest in the case. The administrator had allegedly attempted to influence her testimony and involvement in the trial.

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Alagpulinsa’s friends suspect foul play, as she experienced severe health issues and passed away shortly after this encounter. Health officials have also disclosed that she was four months pregnant, though her death was determined to be unrelated to her pregnancy.

The Upper East Regional Police Command is now planning to investigate the cause of Alagpulinsa’s death further. Samuel Amoateng Saffoh, in addition to his role as the head of the Pharmacy Department, was also the Upper East Regional Chairman of the Government Hospital Pharmacists Association (GHOSPA).

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