Efya says Bullgod embarrassed her with “Wizkid and partying” comments

Prominent Ghanaian songstress, Efya, has revealed her discomfort with a social media post made by Nana Asiamah Hanson, also known as Bullgod, who is both an artiste manager and an entertainment commentator.

The post had implied that Efya only had an inclination towards socializing with Nigerian artist Wizkid at parties, rather than actively participating alongside him on global stages.

“So R2Bees and Efya can chill with Wizkid anytime he’s in Ghana but can’t join him on international stages an showcase their talents?” Bullgod had posted.

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Bullgod’s Facebook statement, issued last month, conveyed his disappointment concerning how Ghanaian musicians seemed to be missing out on valuable opportunities to showcase their talents on significant international platforms.

However, in a forthcoming promotional video for the show “Atuu,” scheduled to be broadcast on UTV on August 26, the artist behind the hit track “Best in Me” shared that she has a positive rapport with Bullgod. She suggested that he could have easily communicated his thoughts by personally reaching out to her, but instead chose to express his sentiments on social media, causing her undue embarrassment.

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“I know Bulldog, he could have chosen to call me but he decided to sit on social media and say that to embarrass me. How does that help me as an artiste mentally,” she stated.

This marks the first instance where the four-time VGMA Vocal Artiste of the Year has directly responded to Bullgod’s remarks. His comments had sparked discussions regarding Efya’s apparent lack of enthusiasm in fully exploring her musical potential.

During the yet-to-be-broadcast interview, Efya also delved into her motivation behind incorporating “Nocturnal” into her name.

“I find it difficult sleeping at night so that is why I added Nocturnal to my name. It looks like I’m always active in the night,” she stated.

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