Fire service begins probe into collapsed building as another nurse is confirmed dead at Kasoa

The Kasoa Municipal Fire Command has declared its intention to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the reasons behind the tragic collapse of a health center that was being built in a community within the Ga South Municipality.

The building’s collapse resulted in the death of one person, while four others sustained severe leg fractures.

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Sadly, on Wednesday morning, it was confirmed that a second nurse had also lost her life, bringing the total number of casualties to two, as reported by Kofi Adjei from Adom News.

According to eyewitnesses at the scene, the structure crumbled after heavy rainfall, raising concerns about the quality of construction materials used.

Some individuals have speculated that the use of substandard materials may have contributed to the building’s collapse.

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In light of these concerns, the Municipal Fire Commander at Kasoa, DO3 Mercel Kwami Avadu, emphasized the importance of a thorough investigation.

He acknowledged that the appearance of the building’s structure raised suspicions, as it seemed to have been constructed with seemingly inferior materials, giving it a makeshift or unstable feel. However, the Fire Commander emphasized that this observation alone is insufficient to determine the cause of the collapse or assign blame.

The planned investigation, he noted, will delve into multiple factors, including the quality of materials used in construction, the qualifications of the engineer responsible for the project, and whether proper construction procedures were followed.

“These aspects are essential in determining whether the collapse resulted from shoddy workmanship or if all necessary measures were taken during the building process,” he added.

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