Ghana Police gives a posthumous promotion to ceremonial horse as Sergeant

The passing of P/H Corporal Queen Mother, a cherished and highly regarded horse within the Ghana Police Service, has led to a deep sense of mourning.

This magnificent horse, which breathed its last on August 8, was a prominent presence at significant national occasions such as Independence Parades, the State of the Nation Address, and the graduation ceremonies of Cadet Officers.

The Service conveyed in a statement that the connection with P/H Corporal Queen Mother went beyond mere duty, as the horse had ingrained itself as an adored member of the police family.

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With its commanding stature and dignified demeanor, the horse had earned the admiration of the public at large gatherings, instilling a feeling of pride and reverence.

“As the Ghana Police Service mourns the loss of its distinguished horse, it also celebrates the invaluable contributions it made to the Service and the nation as a whole,” the police said in its statement on Wednesday August 9.

“The legacy of this remarkable horse will continue to inspire and remind Ghanaians of the unwavering commitment and dedication that define the nation’s law enforcement agency.”

In recognition of its substantial contributions, P/H Corporal Queen Mother has been posthumously elevated to the rank of a Sergeant.

P/H Corporal Queen Mother, now known as P/H Sergeant Queen Mother, leaves behind three offspring, the youngest of which is a mere two weeks old.

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