Ghana urgently need legislation on LGBTQ+ – Alban Bagbin

Ghana’s Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, has addressed Members of the British House of Lords and the House of Commons regarding the current anti-gay bill being debated in Parliament. During his speech, he asserted that there was nothing “untoward” with the bill, which seeks to criminalize homosexuality.

Bagbin’s statement was unequivocal, as he sought to allay concerns from the British lawmakers who had expressed worry over the bill. He argued that the legislation was in line with the country’s cultural and traditional values, stating that “Ghanaian culture frowns on homosexuality” and that “it is against our laws and culture.”

Bagbin also emphasized the importance of sovereignty in Ghana’s decision-making process, stating that “Parliament has the right to make laws that reflect the values and aspirations of its people.” He urged the British lawmakers to respect Ghana’s sovereignty and not interfere in its domestic affairs.

His words were clear and direct, leaving little room for interpretation or miscommunication. As reported by GhanaWeb, he said: “As far as I am concerned, there is nothing untoward about this bill… It is just that the issue of homosexuality is something that our society frowns upon, and so we are just reflecting the culture of our people.”

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Bagbin’s comments have stirred up controversy and drawn criticism from various quarters. Human rights organizations and LGBTQ+ activists have condemned the bill, arguing that it violates the fundamental rights of LGBTQ+ individuals and infringes on their freedom of expression.

Despite the backlash, Bagbin has remained resolute in his stance, defending the bill as reflective of the country’s values and cultural norms. In his view, the bill is necessary to protect Ghana’s moral fabric and uphold its cultural identity.

Bagbin’s assertion that there is nothing untoward with the current anti-gay bill in Parliament reflects the views of many Ghanaians who see homosexuality as contrary to their cultural values. While his stance has generated controversy, he remains firm in his conviction that the legislation is necessary to preserve Ghana’s cultural identity and way of life. As he stated during his address to British lawmakers, “We are not saying that we hate homosexuals, but we are saying that our culture frowns on it, and we have the right to make laws that reflect our cultural values.”

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