Houses, properties still submerged in water 5 months after flood in Agbozume

Residents of several flood-affected communities in Agbozume, located within the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region, are still grappling with the aftermath of floods, which have left them without homes and caused significant losses.

According to the affected residents, the flooding began in May of this year, resulting in extensive property damage and displacing numerous families, leading to feelings of distress and frustration.

Among the affected communities are Nogokpo, Sonuto, Babanawokope, Kpedzakope, Ativuta, and others. These areas have become inaccessible, completely cut off from the main Agbozume township.

One school’s headteacher, Mr. Shine Bokor, shared that his entire school building had been submerged in water, forcing him to seek accommodation in a guest house. He emphasized the hardships faced since the flooding and called on the government to address the situation.

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Mr. Bokor alleged that the relief items distributed by the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) did not reach the actual affected households but were instead given to individuals who were not impacted by the floods.

He explained that efforts were made to create a canal to drain the wetlands, but they were unsuccessful. Additionally, the residents are vulnerable to theft, as criminals take advantage of the situation, and there is a risk of waterborne diseases due to human waste in the water.

Assemblyman Kwame Ashiabe revealed that many families had sought refuge in the neighboring town of Klikor due to the severity of the flooding. He emphasized that families were enduring significant hardships and urgently required government intervention, especially in desilting the marshy areas to address the problem.

Charles Nipson Agbagedi, the Secretary to the Some Traditional Authority, mentioned that the traditional authorities had established a committee to identify the causes of the floods and compile a report.

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