I have more than 20 bedroom videos of Serwaa Amihere on my phone & if I wanted to leak videos I wouldn’t leak this particular one-Henry Fitz(Watch Video)

Henry Fitz’s recent revelation, made during a phone interview with UK-based Ghanaian TikTok star @troube_carlos, sheds new light on the viral bedroom video involving him and Serwaa Amihere. Fitz vehemently refutes allegations suggesting he leaked the video, emphasizing his commitment to his reputation, family, and business associates.

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Fitz’s assertion that he lost his two iPhones in October 2022, which would require flashing to be used, casts doubt on the possibility of him leaking the video. Additionally, he denies engaging in blackmail against Serwaa Amihere and criticizes her attempts to manage the fallout through her media connections.

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Furthermore, Fitz disputes rumors of financial difficulties, affirming that his hotel is still operational and mentioning undisclosed assets. His decision to speak out stems from what he perceives as Serwaa Amihere’s attempts at damage control, despite his preference for privacy. He feels compelled to defend himself against false accusations and protect his name.

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