Kikibee CEO’s girlfriend remanded over his murder

Mam Yandey Joof, who is reportedly in a romantic relationship with Bennette Agyekum Adomah, the owner of Kikibee’s Restaurant and Lounge, has been placed in police custody by a Madina District Court. Joof has been temporarily charged with murder, and her plea was not entered during the court proceedings, which were overseen by Judge Susana Nyakotey.

Mr. Muniru Kassim, the legal representative for the accused, asserted that she played no role in Mr. Adomah’s, also known as Kikibee, demise. He expressed confidence that the truth would emerge in due course. The accused, who is a hotelier, is scheduled to appear in court again on October 27.

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According to the prosecution, led by Inspector Jameson Awumey, the deceased and the accused had been involved in a purportedly romantic relationship for the past three years. The prosecutor explained that the deceased had recently returned from overseas after being away for three months and went to his residence in East Legon upon his return. Later that evening, he went to his restaurant in East Legon.

On October 8, 2023, at around 12:30 am, Adomah left his restaurant to visit Joof at her residence in Ogbojo. Around 1:30 am, Adomah started exhibiting unusual behavior, throwing objects, and shouting that he was being pursued by unknown individuals. His cries attracted the attention of other tenants in the building.

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Joof reportedly called a friend of the deceased for assistance. Upon arriving at Joof’s residence, the friend discovered Adomah in the kitchen, lying in a pool of blood. Some tenants in the building, along with Joof and the deceased’s friend, transported Adomah to DEL Hospital in East Legon.

Tragically, Adomah passed away shortly after reaching the hospital. The police were informed, and the body was taken to the Police Hospital for preservation and an autopsy.

During the investigation at the scene, pieces of broken ceramic glass with bloodstains were discovered in Joof’s apartment. Furthermore, an inspection of the deceased’s body revealed a cut on his left thumb.

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