Kuame Eugene To Change Life Of Man Who Shaped His Beat-Production Skills

In a Class FM interview, Kuame Eugene, who is also recognized as The Rockstar, disclosed that he would occasionally skip school to frequent a recording studio belonging to Kobina Jam, a gospel music producer who mentored him in refining his beat-making abilities. Eugene has conveyed his commitment to making a meaningful contribution to Jam’s life, acknowledging the pivotal role Jam played in his musical evolution.

“I love him and I think I owe part of the reason I am here today to him,” the I Feel Nice hitmaker added. “He gave me an opportunity. Even though he didn’t teach me what I know, he gave me access to his machines.”

Revealing he has plans to appreciate Kobina Jam, he noted it will be “a grand visit,” and not just a casual visit with “money in an envelope”.

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“I want to do something for him that he can live with for the rest of his life because he’s given me something special I am living with for the rest of my life,” he emphasised.

Kuami Eugene disclosed he has a timeline for the commitment and “it’s getting really close”.

Also on the same platfrom, Kuame Eugene also shared his inspiring journey from rags to riches on the same platform.

“I always had a dream and an ambition. There’s a certain level I should get to. So I’ve dedicated all my life and time to getting to that level. I’m still not there yet but I’m proud of myself. I mean, I used to tell my mom that by 25, I’d change our lives [and], by 25, I would be driving a car. I got it at age 19,” Eugene said during the interview.

The multi-award winning singer-songwriter and record producer first experienced success after joining Richie Mensah’s Lynx Entertainment label and releasing his Highlife smash single, Angela, which was produced by Killbeatz.

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“At 19-years, I had Angela and it was banging everywhere – young boy,” he recalled.

At the age of 26, Eugenereflected on the past and the times he gave up socializing and playtime to develop the skills that have now made him one of the biggest stars on the African continent.

“I’m proud of myself. I mean, besides God being on my side, I’ve tried as much as possible to acquire a lot of knowledge about what I am doing today.

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