Latest video of late KETASCO NSMQ star fills eyes of Ghanaians with tears

A video of James Lutterodt, a well-known participant in the 2021 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ), has left social media users deeply moved. The video shows James and his friends in a hostel, enjoying a box of pizza. Sadly, James passed away, adding to the sadness of the situation. In the video, James, with the pizza box on his lap, happily acknowledges his friends’ support while they cheer and laugh. The video was shared on Twitter by a user named Gideon Black.

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This incident occurred after James, along with his teammates Francisca Lamini and Bright Senyo Godzo, represented Keta Senior High School (Ketasco) in the NSMQ. Their exceptional performance throughout the competition captivated viewers and led them to the finale. Although the exact cause of James’ death has not been publicly disclosed, there are speculations that it might have been due to food poisoning.

Ghanaians, who were shocked by this tragic news, have expressed their condolences and paid tribute to James for the lasting memories he created, particularly through his participation in the NSMQ.

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