Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program: Student Loan Trust Fund Secretariat will be Present

In the course of contributing to the corporate social responsibilities amidst the global political, social and economic challenges and its striving competitive career race, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program is stipulated to support Ghanaians especially the undergraduate students.   

The purpose of the program is to empower student leaders and upcoming entrepreneurs in University of Education, Winneba through capacity building activities, business grants and business support services. Women empowerment, provision of opportunities for persons with disabilities and social inclusions are considered to bridge the gap of exclusions, intimidations and discriminations in the socio-economic sector.

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The program, titled “Leadership and Creativity: A Prerequisite For Successful Entrepreneurship and Self-reliance,” will begin on June 24, 2023, at the JEB LTI North Campus of the University of Education, Winneba. And participants are expected to pay Ghs 30.00 only for certification

The program will feature several knowledgeable and innovative individuals who will guide participants in acquiring knowledge and skills. These include MD. Linda Cobbah, a lecturer at UEW; Mr. Emmanuel K.M Kumi, a graphic designer; Mr. Ebenezer Asiedu, an online marketer, and Dr. Samuel Poatob, a lecturer at UEW.

The Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program has three respective events; Leadership and Entrepreneurship Workshop, Business Pitching Competition, and a Summit with Awards Ceremony to climax the program.

In view of the above, the workshop will be organized to train all interested and potential student leaders and entrepreneurs on; Vetting and Interview Skills, Curriculum Vitae (CV), Business Plan, Digital and Vocational Skills, Basic Sign Language and Marketing Communication Skills.

There will be also a Business Pitching Competition for shortlisted student entrepreneurs of University of Education, Winneba to compete for business grants to implement their Business Ideas, boost their Start Ups and expand their Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). All qualified student businesses will earn financial and business support services from sponsors, donors, partners and investors. The awarded student businesses will be connected to and supervised by the partners and investors for further supports. 

Finally, the Summit and Awards Ceremony will climax the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program. The summit involves various field experts and service providers to inform the participants on various opportunities to grow their businesses effectively. The Award Ceremony is meant to award Outstanding Student Entrepreneurs and Student Businesses of University of Education, Winneba.

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We are confident that the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program will be both social intervention and educative program to the participants. In view of this, we duly count   on your usual cooperation and supports.

The Office of the Student Loan will be there to assist all students with any difficulties with the Student Loan as part of the Corporate Social Responsibilities. This will occur at the University of Education, Winneba North Campus, in LT 4 at precisely 7:00 am.

And it’s Today, hurry and grab your seat but don’t forget to carry your Ghs 30.00

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