Manhyia Palace orders polygamus pastor to slaughter 4 sheep, pay GHS20k for snatching church member’s wife

The Pastor of the 7th Day Pentecostal Assemblies in Kumasi, Mr. Macaiah Addai, appeared before the Manhyia palace on June 13th, accused of snatching a church member’s wife. Accompanied by his church members, Pastor Addai was found guilty by a five-member panel at the Asantehemaa’s palace.

Due to his offense, Pastor Macaiah Addai, who already had three wives, was ordered to sacrifice four sheep to appease the local gods and seek forgiveness for his actions. A prominent chief in Kumasi pleaded on his behalf to lessen the punishment, and Pastor Addai was asked to bring two sheep, which were converted into a cash payment of GHC 6,000, made promptly by the pastor.

However, the consequences did not end there. The “wife snatcher” was also ordered to pay a substantial amount of GHC 20,000 to the church member, Mr. Kofi Adjei, whose wife he had allegedly snatched and engaged in a relationship with.

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Mr. Adjei narrated to the five-member panel at the Manhyia palace how Pastor Macaiah Addai had snatched his wife after 21 years of marriage. He explained that they were both active church members of the Association of the 7th Day Pentecostal Assemblies, where Pastor Addai served as the Acting Head. Shockingly, it was Pastor Addai himself who had blessed their marriage.

According to Mr. Adjei, after experiencing a sudden change in his wife’s behavior and her desire for a divorce, he sought help from Pastor Addai and the church elders. However, to his dismay, Pastor Addai informed him that his wife had already reported that she had ended the marriage by presenting schnapp bottles to Mr. Adjei’s family members. The pastor claimed he could not assist in bringing back the wife due to this reason.

Devastatingly, Mr. Adjei discovered that his wife had been living with Pastor Addai as a married couple for more than a year and a half. Despite his efforts to persuade her to return, his pleas fell on deaf ears.

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During his defense at the Manhyia palace, Pastor Macaiah Addai claimed that he had taken over Gloria Amponsa, Mr. Adjei’s wife, because she had informed him that she was divorced. He also stated that he did not perform any customary rites or ceremonies, as he followed Jewish marriage customs where divorced women did not require such rituals for their subsequent marriages.

However, Pastor Addai’s defense crumbled as he struggled to answer further probing questions from the panel. Visibly shaken, he eventually admitted his offense and was consequently fined according to customary practices.

The case was adjourned to the following week for the final conclusion and resolution of the matter by the panel.

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